Cultured Marble

Our MacKenzie cultured marble and cultured stone urns are crafted using mixtures of natural stones, marble and synthetic polyester resins. Materials are blended, cold cast into special urn molds and hand-polished to a high luster shine. Open from the bottom with a threaded metal sealing disc and air-tight gasket.

Marble is really special. This stone has been utilized by humans since the beginning of modern history. Used in homes as showcased tangible surfaces and also for distinguished art sculptures. Marble, and our custom marble, they last forever. Each color that we make is an equally-durable synthesized iteration of stunning European-esk marble.


A name plate with engraving is available for $25.00

Laser Engraving is available for $40.00

Cultured Marble Pet Urns
Cultured Marble Pet Urns
Cultured Marble Pet Urns
Product DetailsVolumeWeightLength x Width x HeightPricing
(ITEM: Classic 25)
25 CI4 LB5.5 x 3.75 x 3.75'$160
($175.20 w/ tax)
(ITEM: Classic 50)
50 CI5 LB6.5 x 4.5 x 4.5'$170
($186.15 w/ tax)
(ITEM: Classic 100)
100 CI6 LB7.5 x 5 x 5'$180
($197.10 w/ tax)

Laser Engraving Colors

Cultured Marble Pet Urn Engraving



Laser Engraving Fonts




Nameplate Engraving Fonts

Nameplate Engraving Fonts
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